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City to install more public toilets along the 45-kilometer Huangpu River footpath

    The 45-kilometer-long footpath at both sides of the Huangpu River will be open to the public by the end of this year, and people going to there don't need to worry about the question of finding a toilet as more public toilets will be added.

    During the "toilet reform" carried out in line with the requirement of the central government, 465 public toilets have already been newly built or renovated and 100 more will be added next year, according to Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration (SMTA). Many of the toilets will be located in the footpath and country parks.

    There will also be unisex toilets, equipped with washing bowls and toilets for both adults and children, baby care station, child safety seat, physical-challenged people-friendly toilets, and emergency call buttons.

    So far, the city now has altogether 215 unisex toilets in scenic spots, parks, and museums.

    In total, Shanghai has nearly 1,000 tourists' toilets. Last year, the city launched a public campaign to pick 10 most beautiful toilets in town. The result of this year's selection will be released at the end of this month, said Lin Sumin, director of the SMTA Public Service Division.

    Xu Weiwan, director of SMTA, said Shanghai will build 100 more toilets in popular tourists' areas, improve the quality of existing toilets, and encourage restaurants and shops to open their toilets to the public. Shanghai will strive to make tourists' toilets odor-free and physical-challenged people friendly.

    SMTA will introduce deodorization technologies and build a batch of exemplary toilets in class A scenic spots, and Shanghai will also try to provide free toilet paper in tourists' toilets, and develop toilet-map application.