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Metro Line 17 trial run to start soon

    Tests on the city’s Metro Line 17 have been completed and trial operation of the new subway line will begin before the end of the year, according to the Metro operator.

    Line 17 starts from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and ends at Oriental Land Station in suburban Qingpu District. It runs through several rural sightseeing spots like Dianshan Lake and Zhujiajiao watertown.

    “We have tried to give Line 17 more watertown characteristics,” said Ji Maojie, deputy manager of the Line 17 construction team. “We have decorated stations with wall paintings and porcelain work by local artists.”

    One example is Zhuguang Road Station. An 80-meter long wall painting on porcelain base stretches out in the station hall. The conceptual painting called “knowledge of all things under the light of wisdom” integrates clovers and kaleidoscopes to illustrate the beauty of nature. It is also the first station in Shanghai to boast a skylight window ceiling, which allows sunlight to shine straight through into the station hall and platform.

    With a total length of 35.3 kilometers, one-way travel — between Oriental Land and Hongqiao Railway Station — on Line 17 will take about 45 minutes, the Metro operator revealed.

    Shanghai now has 15 Metro lines, running a total length of 617 kilometers to rank first in the world.