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Pudong unveils its new action plan for urban-rural integration

    Pudong New Area held a news briefing on Tuesday to explain its 2020 Action Plan of Urban-Rural Integration, and unveiled its plan to introduce 15 batches of urban renovation projects and 86 categories of key projects in the next few years.

    The goal of the plan is to achieve a higher level of urban-rural integration by providing more equalized rights, public services, incomes, resources for urban and rural residents, and promoting more integrated development of urban and rural industries, said Ji Zhaoliang, executive deputy district governor of Pudong New Area.
    More upgrades to the existing model of rural-urban integration will be introduced, including beautification of communities, renovation of urban villages, general planning of townships, and layout planning of townships.

    The plan also sets goals such as raising the disposal rate of agricultural waste up to 80 percent; and building rail transportations, highways, main and secondary roads, and public transportations, added Ji.

    Also, the coverage of the rail transportations and the road system should reach 88 percent of the townships; add 5,300 more hectares of high-standard farmland, and increase the rural land transfer rate to 85 percent.

    Pudong New Area will also focus on introducing more population into the area, and build more public schools, and renovate city and district level demonstrative schools, grant more educational resources and improve education quality.

    More welfare projects will be underway, such as building homes for the elderly with 5,600 beds in population-dense areas in Pudong. Also, Pudong will build a special care hospital for the elderly and a welfare center in Chuansha area.

    By 2020, every community and township in Pudong will be equipped with recreational centers.