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Shanghai Film Art Academy will move to Zhangyan Town in Jinshan

    Jinshans Zhangyan Town government signed an agreement to relocate Shanghai Film Art Academy from Pudong New Area on Tuesday.

    District Party Secretary Zhao Weixing and Governor Hu Weiguo attended the signing ceremony.

    Zhangyan is now developing a modern educational park featuring a riverside place with culture and history. It has already attracted Zhongqiao College and No. 3 Middle School of East China Normal University into the park.

    Shanghai Film Art Academy was founded in 2003 with 18 majors and a current enrollment of about 3,000 students. In the past few years it has received investment from China Bright Limited and Alibaba Digital Media and Entertainment.

    The resettlement of the academy in Zhangyan Town will also boost Jinshans construction of a film industrial base and the spin-off tourist industry.