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Zhujing Town provides meal service for elderly residents
    Zhujing Town in Jinshan District now provides meal service for elderly residents aged 65 years or older.
    The service was initiated in 2014 by the CPC Zhujing Town Committee to serve meals for seniors more than 70 years old. One year later, the age limit was lowered to 65 to count in more in need. 
    Paying 15 yuan (US$2.3), the old people can enjoy a meal well prepared and delivered. The service is available from Monday to Friday.  
    It has been especially helpful for the elderly who are inconvenient to walk around and whose children are not around to take care of them. 
    In the past four years, altogether 224 volunteers from 17 neighborhood committees have delivered more than 80,000 meals for about 200 old people in the town. 
    The project was also selected as one of the top 10 most popular volunteer programs in Shanghai in 2016.