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Fengxian is building a bonded exhibition and sales center for imported goods
    Construction of the exhibition and sales center for the city's comprehensive bonded area in Fengxian District is set to complete and put into use next year. 
    The 8,000-square-meter center will serve as a function area for exhibition, experience, delivery and trade of bonded imported goods, which will have an impact not only in the district, but also in the city and the whole Yangtze River Delta. 
    While the construction is still underway, the center has been trying to attract more projects and build up an exhibition and trade platform. 
    Jinyu Wine Group was the first to land in the center. It took only a week for the enterprise to sign the agreement and move in.
    "The housing and storage costs are reasonable here," said the group president Chen Ruisheng. "What's more important, our products can to be further processed here, which is a benefit we could not get elsewhere."
    The bonded zone will also serve as a platform to showcase the local cosmetic brand "Oriental Valley." Negotiations to introduce more cosmetic manufacturers are still going on.