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Baoshan to retain a steady and sustained social and economic growth rate for 2020

    Baoshan's social and economic development goal for 2020 is to retain a sustained and steady growth rate while improving the development quality and profits.

    The district annual average added value is set at the rate of 7 percent with the economic volume doubling that in 2010 and an annual 8 percent growth for local financial revenue.

    The development gap between the urban and suburban area will be further narrowed, so people's livelihood and public service are further equalized. The residents' per capita disposable income will double the number in 2010.

    The urban comprehensive and service functions will be enhanced with cultural soft power promoted. The per capita space for sport and cultural infrastructure in the district would reach 2.2 and 0.18 square meters respectively. New progress will be made in ecological construction with the average green area for each resident reaching 12.4 square meters and the combined length of footpaths extending to 100 kilometers.