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Mayor stresses energy supply and operation safety

    Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong inspected the city's energy supply on Saturday, and he pointed out that energy is the foundation for society and economy, and it concerns thousands of millions of citizens' life.

    He said energy related governmental units and companies should make contingency plans to push through the electricity peak season, to make sure Shanghai's economy and urban development run smoothly.

    Ying and Zhou Bo, executive vice mayor of Shanghai, made a field study at the Shanghai Gas Dispatching Center. Ying learned about the consumption percentage of natural gas, and the emergency supply plans, emergency plans, and real-time electric power production.

    At a subsequent energy seminar, Ying listened to briefings made by Shanghai Development and Reform Commission, Shanghai Commission of Economy and Information Technology, East China Branch of the State Grid Corporation of China, State Grid Shanghai Electric Power Company, and Shenergy.

    Ying said Shanghai's energy supply and needs need to be balanced for the seasonal electricity peak. Climate change and energy production need to be considered, work plans and emergency plans need to be introduced to safeguard the energy supply.
    Coordination mechanisms among companies that provide energy sources such as coal, electricity, petrol, and gas need to be improved.

    Energy safety is a long-term and fundamental endeavor, Ying added. The infrastructure of energy supplies need to be constantly strengthened and improved. The strategy of unified operation and diversified energy sources need to be upheld.

    The cooperation among energy companies in the Yangtze River Delta region needs to be strengthened, as well as their risk management and resource sharing mechanisms, Ying added.