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Jinshan to promote robotics education in primary and middle schools

    Jinshan signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Taijing Group recently to build an "artificial intelligence smart robotic science and education demonstration zone" in the district.

    The agreement aims to popularize the robotics education by counting the AI robotic lessons as a part of the primary and middle compulsory curriculum in the district.

    Pilot work will start next year in the 19 robotic league schools and then spread to all other schools in the district in 2018 school year.

    The cooperation also includes the establishment of a core function area in the demonstration zone, which is set to be completed in three years at the cost of 800 million yuan (US$122.37 million).

    It will house an experience hall, a science and innovation center, a teachers' training base, postgraduates' institute for international cooperation and other facilities.

    Construction work is now underway.