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Line 17, Line 9 extension ready to start

    Metro Line 17 and the east extension of Line 9 will become operational from December 30, the Shanghai Metro operator announced yesterday.

    Line 17, which has 13 stations, runs 35 kilometers from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station to Oriental Land Station in suburban Qingpu District. It is the only Metro line that connects Qingpu with downtown area.

    Lines 2 and 10 also have stops at Hongqiao Railway Station.

    Commuters travelling on Line 2 from Pudong International Airport Station to Xujing E. Station can change to Line 17 from the same platform. But Line 10 and 2 commuters travelling from the opposite direction have to walk down the station hall to take Line 17.

    Starting Saturday, the carriage doors for Line 2 for Pudong International Airport and Line 10 heading to New Jiangwan Town, will open on both sides at Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2 Station.

    The first train of Line 17 from Hongqiao Railway Station will depart at 6am and the last one at 10:30pm. On the opposite side, the first train will leave Oriental Land Station at 6am and the last at 10pm.

    Shanghai Shentong Metro Group, the Metro operator, said the daily average passenger volume on Line 17 is estimated to reach 180,000.

    Meanwhile, the east extension of Line 9 will cover a length of 13.8km from Yanggao Road M. Station to Caolu Station.

    The operation time of Line 9 will be adjusted with the launch of the extension line. The first train from Caolu Station will depart at 5:30am and the last at 10:30pm. The first train from Songjiang South Railway Station will depart at 5:40am and the last one at 10:30pm.