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Yangshan entry-exit bureau adopts an electronic system to speed up the clearance procedure

    Yangshan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has adopted an electronic instant customs clearance system and handled a batch of fireworks for export recently. The new system has greatly shortened the clearance time.

    The bureau approved the exporting of fireworks and initiated the inspection procedure in June for the first time, due to its hazardous property.

    Before the new practice was adopted, the fireworks exporting companies, most of them are located in downtown, need to go to the Yangshan clearance office with required documents. To make it convenient for the fireworks companies, the bureau introduced the new electronic clearance system based on the companies credit records.

    For a company with good credit records and no accidents before, the bureau will approve its clearance on the presumption that its declaration is trustworthy and lawful. In this way, the clearance time will be shortened from one day to just 30 minutes.