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Mayor briefs SPC Standing Committee session on city's social and economic development

    Mayor Ying Yong briefed the 42nd session of the 14th Shanghai People's Congress Standing Committee on Wednesday on the city's social and economic development.

    Ying Yicui, chairwoman of the SPC Standing Committee presided over the meeting.

    The mayor said that development of Shanghai's economy in 2017 has been stable and better than expected.

    Shanghai will keep the momentum in the city's economic development in 2018 and continue to implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, the Central Economic Working Conference, and directions of President Xi Jinping, the mayor added.

    Also, the mayor said that Shanghai will keep securing its leading position in reforms and innovation; keep strengthening the functions of Shanghai Free Trade Zone; accelerate the construction of the technology and innovation center; deepen the supply side structural reform, improve people's welfare and livelihood; strengthen the refined urban management; accelerate the rural-urban integration; protect the environment; and improve the government's administrative ability.

    Shanghai should deepen the functions of the Free Trade Zone with 98 key projects to be completed in next year and accelerate construction of the technology and innovation center. Shanghai will also build the Free Trade Port.

    After some members of the Standing Committee expressed their concern over environmental protection, Ying said that the city's ecological environment protection still needs to be improved, for it's a city's competitiveness, soft power, and it could also better people's lives. Shanghai has adopted a series of effective measures for environment protection in recent years, and they have produced significant results.

    Waste water treatment works also need to be improved; middle and small sized rivers need to be cleaned; and Suzhou Creek's environmental renovation phase four project and the Shanghai section of the Wusong River Water Conservancy project need to be initiated. The waste volume needs to be cut down at their source, waste sorting needs to be carried out during the whole process of waste disposal, harmless treatment needs to be applied at the end process of the waste treatment. Also, work of air pollution prevention and control needs to be advanced; key green ecology spaces such as the ecological corridor, Jiaye Park, and Chongming Ecological Islands need to be better built.

    Ying also briefed the session on the preparation of the upcoming China International Import Expo next year; and the piloting spots of long-term care insurance.
    The session confirmed the qualification of 885 candidate members for the 15th Shanghai People's Congress recommended by local districts and the People's Liberation Army.

    The session also listened to explanations on the drafting process of the work report of the SPC Standing Committee, and carried out group examination of other documents related to personnel appointments.

    Vice chairmen of the SPC Standing Committee Jiang Sixian, Xu Zezhou, Sha Hailin, Wu Hanmin, Hong Hao and Xue Chao as well as Xu Kunlin, vice mayor of Shanghai; and Cui Yadong, president of Shanghai Higher People's Court, also attended the meeting.