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Mayor hosts seminars to solicit suggestions for annual government work report

    Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong presided over two seminars on Wednesday to listen to the suggestions of representatives from grass-root cadres, other provinces and cities on the drafted Report on the Work of Government to be submitted to the first session of the 15th Shanghai People's Congress.

    Ying said the public service needs to be improved; the standard of old residence maintenance needs to be upgraded; government cadres at the basic level need to be granted with more administrative power to improve comprehensive governmental management; the welfare system for the old needs to be improved, and the construction of care facilities needs to be accelerated and professional personnel needs to be trained; the construction of the world-class Chongming eco-island needs to be accelerated and more eco industries' job opportunities will be created; and the planning of the countryside needs to focus on the public service facilities to improve the life of the locals.

    Talking with grass-root cadres, Ying said grass-root cadres know what the people need the most, so their suggestions should be heeded with great attention to improve the report. Shanghai will build itself into a city of innovation, culture, and ecology. Old historical buildings need to be maintained and new renovation methods of old residential area need to be explored. Modern eco-friendly agriculture needs to be developed.

    Ying encouraged the cadres to speak for the grass-roots, serve the public and mobilize them to create a better life.

    At the seminar with representatives from other provinces and cities, representatives from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan and Yunnan provinces, Beijing and Xinjiang Autonomous Region exchanged ideas with the mayor on the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, strengthening the industrial cooperation, deepening the partner assistance model, and optimizing the business environment.

    Ying briefed them on the social and economic development in Shanghai, and said Shanghai will keep its position as a bridgehead of reforms and innovation under the direction of President Xi Jinping; advance the functions of Shanghai Free Trade Zone; accelerate the construction of the technology and innovation center; and serve the Yangtze River Delta region and the country.

    Shanghai will advance the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region with unfaltering effort; carry out the development strategy for the Yangtze River economic zone; strengthen the cooperation with its brother cities and provinces to carry out partner assistance mechanism, Ying added. And he expressed his hope for Shanghai and its brother cities and provinces to learn from each other to realize mutual development.

    Zhuge Yujie, secretary-general of the CPC Shanghai Committee and Peng Chenlei, vice-mayor of Shanghai, also attended the meeting.