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City quarantine bureau captures 72 batches of unqualified organic products

    The Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau last year captured 72 batches of unqualified products falsely labeled "organic," including dairy products, grain, and cosmetics. Through examination, they all failed to meet the Chinese standards for organic products.

    For average consumers, it might be hard to tell the authenticity of organic products, but they usually have a much higher price tag than other products.

    Last December, Certification and Accreditation Administration of China (CAAC) released the fifth addition to the list of organic products, including 78 products in 15 categories, such as chocolate, rose wine, cobia, shepherd¡¯s-purse, tree ear, cocoa, and sugar apple.

    Certification bodies can only certify organic products that are in the list of CAAC. For now, products such as honey and cosmetics are not included in the list, that is to say, if consumers find "organic honey" or "organic cosmetics," no matter it’s domestic or imported product, it¡¯s not certified organic product.

    Consumers can go to CAAC's website to verify the authenticity of the certifying body, or the organic product with the 17 digits code printed on the package at