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Chongming adopts a set of new preferential policies to attract high-end talents

    Chongming recently released a set of new preferential policies to attract talents to build its world-class eco-island. It plans to import 10 top specialists, 40 industrial leaders, 1,200 high-end professionals, and 8,800 highly-skilled workers.

    The preferential policies include housing and household registration. Chongming offers up to 150,000 yuan (US$22,964) government subsidy for excellent university graduates who want to work in Chongming.

    By the end of 2015, Chongming had 62,700 professionals working on the island, accounting for 9.22 percent of the local registered population. The figure was much lower than 30.86 percent in the whole city.

    Chongming has less working force, less high-end talents, and less jobs outside the system, said Shi Yang, deputy director of Chongming Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. The last round of preferential policies lasted from 2012 to 2016, and were focused on education, hygiene, and cultural industries in the district. The new round of five-year talents preferential policies will cover more industries and fields.

    Chongming will outsource its key projects of the eco-island to the global markets, inviting domestic and foreign experts and top talents to take part in its development. For the top specialists who come to Chongming and work for no less than one month each year, they will be given monetary award of 1 million yuan (US$ 152.923) each; industry's top leaders will receive 500,000 yuan (US$76.461) each; and highly-skilled workers in agriculture, education, hygiene, cultural industries, finance, sports, tourism, urban construction, environmental protection, and water projects will each get 200,000 yuan (US$ 30,584).

    For innovative talents and teams from outside the island, Chongming will give each individual 300,000 yuan (US$ 45,907) and each team 600,000 yuan (US$91,814) in project fund. And both teams and individuals can receive up to 1 million yuan each for entrepreneurship projects.

    Also, for top specialists and high-end professionals who have worked for five years in Chongming will enjoy housing subsidy up to 4 million yuan (US$612,098) and 2 million yuan (US$ 306,049) respectively. And qualified entrepreneurs will enjoy 1 million yuan housing subsidy or monthly rental allowance of 1,200 yuan for five consecutive years.