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Songjiang issues the city's first electronic permit for industrial product production

    Songjiang District issued the city's first electronic permit for industrial product production on January 5. The online process took only four minutes.

    Zhongzhi Sanitation Supplies, the applicant of the permit, filed for a registration online 30 days before its previous one was to be expired. Copies of the company's qualification were summited on the market supervision's online platform.

    The paperless examination process has largely shortened the procedure. In the past, a company would spend about two weeks to prepare for the materials required, visited the administrative department for a couple of times and waited for three to six months before obtaining such a permit.

    Now documents required have been limited to a piece of registration form, a letter of commitment, the business license and a product's qualifies report. The permit is ready to be downloaded almost immediately as long as the application materials are complete.

    Since November last year, the e-version of the permit has the same legal effect as a paper one.

    "Now we have placed the examining process later than the permit issuing, but the examining session will take no more than 20 work days," said Yao Ping, director of the district market supervision bureau.

    The authorities will inform the permit applying enterprises in advance of the procedure and materials needed so as to improve the efficiency.