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Teacher's promotion draws criticism

    Education authorities in Minhang District are checking the qualifications of a teacher at a local school after claims that she attacked a doctor in 2015, making her unfit for promotion.

    Minhang District Education Bureau said it received complaints from local citizens who noticed that Miao Xian, a teacher at Wenlai Middle School, was on a list of teachers to be promoted to a senior position on a Shanghai Human Resource and Social Security Bureau website.

    Miao attacked a doctor who refused to treat her as an emergency patient at the Shanghai International Peace Maternity and Child Health Hospital in September 2015, breaking the doctor’s nose and causing other medical problems, claimed some concerned citizens who reposted the list on Sino Weibo.

    They argued that Miao was morally unqualified to be a teacher and should have been fired, rather than considered for promotion. “Such a person with a propensity for violence is no longer suitable for teaching and no parents would like to have their children taught by her,” said one Weibo user.

    But others said the professional title was in recognition of her teaching ability and she should be given a chance.

    According to police, Miao asked for emergency treatment but the doctor advised her to go to the outpatient department. The dispute escalated and both were injured in an ensuing fight.

    Later a settlement was reached in which Miao paid 200,000 yuan (US$31,000) compensation to the doctor and her school also apologized for her behavior.