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City takes 10 innovative steps to deepen its medical reforms

    Shanghai has taken 10 innovative steps recently to deepen the reforms of the city's medical care system, establish a high quality medical service system, and explore solutions for issues in the medical reforms.

    The 10 medical reforms were jointly unveiled by Shanghai Medical Reform Office, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, Jiefang Daily, and Shanghai Hygiene and Health Development Research Center.

    They include breaking the glass ceiling in personnel management system of doctors in Shanghai General Hospital; establishing the Health Cloud public health big data service platform; establishing intricate network of medicine co-development; carrying out the hierarchical medical system in Shanghai Pudong Hospital; and introducing pre-prescription review mechanism so without the permission of pharmacists, the patients cannot buy the prescribed medicine themselves.

    Shanghai is a provincial level pilot zone of medical reforms in the country. The successful selection of the 10 medical reforms reflects the city's medical system and its hospitals' resolution to improve local citizens' health and play a leading role in medical reforms, said Ren Wulei, director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning.

    Next, Shanghai will organize the First Promotion Convention of the medical reforms, using promotion cases to explore and promote medical reforms to benefit more local.