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City steps up protection of underprivileged children

    Shanghai has recently released a new document on the Minimum Living Standard for Underprivileged Children, effective this month.

    The document stipulates that for minors who have lost parental guardians or who have been under improper guardianship, their custody should fall on the next of kin or responsible organizations.

    Improper guardianship includes the missing of the guardian (or declared missing); the guardian being severely ill or physically challenged; guardians who are serving sentences or in mandatory drug rehabilitation; and guardians who abuse, abandon, or molest the children.

    Children under improper guardianship can apply for monthly per capita allowance of 1,800 yuan (US$280), which will not be counted as real income of the caregiving family.

    Also, starting from January, 2018, the monthly allowance for orphans have been raised from 1,700 yuan to 1,800 yuan.