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Pudong's T1 opens faster security check

    Shanghai Airport Authority has opened a faster security check service at Pudong airport for domestic passengers who have registered their ID cards and answered six questions correctly online.

    The service allows them to go through No.18 “green channel” for security checks and is only available for domestic flights at Terminal 1, or T1, of Pudong International Airport, the authority said.

    Passengers can apply for the service on the official WeChat account or the airport authority’s app by registering their identity card numbers and answer correctly six questions about forbidden items on airplanes. They can then proceed to the security check at the green channel with their ID cards. But the service doesn’t accept passports.

    The authority said the service won’t be extended to Pudong’s T2 or Hongqiao airport, but domestic passengers who only have carry-on luggage can check in with a QR code on their mobile phones at both airports.

    Without needing boarding cards, passengers can go through security checks using the QR code sent by their airline and showing valid credentials, an official with the authority said. If the QR codes cannot be identified, passengers will have to use airline counters, the authority said.

    Those who need to check in luggage or are accompanied by infants have to use airline counters, as do unaccompanied children, the authority added.