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Man detained for fake story of boy beaten

    A man has been detained by police after allegedly fabricating a story about an 8-year-old boy being beaten up by a middle-aged man on a bus over a seat dispute. The story was widely spread online and raised public concern, police said.

    The man is said to have confessed to making up the story to draw attention in a 400-member WeChat group.

    Police said screenshots of WeChat group chats were posted on website on Tuesday night. They soon spread widely. One person in the group claimed a 50-year-old man had a dispute with a boy over a seat on a No. 104 bus and seriously injured the boy. At the police station, the man was stabbed in his eyes by the boy’s angry mother, the person said.

    Police immediately launched an investigation, checking police call records and visiting No. 104 bus stops as well as the hospital mentioned in the story but found nothing about the incident.

    Further investigation revealed a 33-year-old suspect surnamed Jiang had fabricated the story and he was soon tracked down.