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Local quarantine bureau adopts a new supervision mode to facilitate cruise ships' food supply

    Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has recently launched a new supervision mode to facilitate food supply for large cruise ships which have chosen the city as their mother port.

    The major cruise lines have large food purchasing system across the world, and the cruise ships load their food supply containers at various stopover food distribution ports such as in Korea and Japan. This process may be delayed due to bad weathers or route changes.

    The best solution would be to load the food supplies at their mother port in Shanghai, but according to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, shipping food supply to Shanghai and then get loaded onto the cruisers would be classified as import then export. So, some of the food supplies might need permits, and some animal and plant products have entry restrictions and are even totally banned.

    After some discussions and brainstorming, the city bureau came up with a new supervision mode which treats cruise lines food supplies via Shanghai as food in transit, so they dont need to be examined and approved.

    Costa Crociere was the third cruiser to enjoy the new supervision mode after Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean. Last year, Wusong International Cruise Terminal handled 924 entries and exits of cruisers, and an annual throughput of 3.97 million passengers, accounting for 63 percent of the total in China.