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Nanyang becomes a model of 'Beautiful Village' in the city

    Nanyang Village in Xinbang Town has been selected as a model of "Beautiful Village" in Shanghai recently.

    Known for its modern agriculture, Nanyang now has altogether 485 hectares of farming land. It has been improving the local living environment and infrastructures, and promoting leisure agriculture to attract tourists.

    Xinbang Peony Garden, for example, is the largest of its kind in the city, taking up about 15 hectares of land and grows more than 40,000 peony trees.

    Each April, the garden will be in full bloom with colorful peonies. Sixteen peony trees in the garden have lived for more than 100 years.

    Due to its dense water network, Nanyang is the nation¡¯s largest aquatic flower production and export base. The 20-hectare lotus lake is another tourist attraction in summer.

    Traditional culture and village layout have been well preserved. It was also given the honor of "Most Livable Town in China" last year.