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Putuo now has another state-level incubator for scientific enterprises

    Mytech Mass Start-up Space in Putuo has been chosen as the district's second state-level incubator for scientific enterprises, according to the list released by the Ministry of Science and Technology recently.

    Established in April, 2014, MYTEC has been investing in micro- and small-sized enterprises in intelligence, mobile and Internet. It had attracted 92 start-up companies and 14 start-up teams by the end of November.

    The institution got listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations earlier this year. It has also received support from the district as well as the city's technology and human resources authorities.

    Six Shanghai-based incubators were included in the recently released list, which has a total of 125 entries. Another MYTECH incubator in Huangpu District was on the list this time.