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Putuo to introduce online management platform into all communities in the district
    The community management cloud platform has turned out to be effective in the pilot process in Putuo and will be introduced into all 207 communities in the district this year.  
    The platform gathers the community's basic information, residents' basic information and business entity's information. The information is accessible at the large touchscreen in the community, the backstage management at the neighborhood community and the app on residents' cellphones.
    In the past, the community activities information was usually written on a blackboard for people to check from time to time, but now the activity schedule will be pushed to the mobile terminals.
    When neighborhood committee workers or social workers patrol in the community, they can also note down problems on the cloud with WeChat, which will help timely spot issues in urban management, community safety, illegal construction and crowd house-renting. 
    To protect privacy and data security, the information system among different communities are strictly separated, which means information on one community cloud can only be shared within the community. 
    Besides, the backstage operation can only be logged in with codes for the neighborhood committee and each piece of information to be published will need to be checked and approved.