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Opera 'Tang Xianzu' performed at a festival in Hungary
    Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music held the Opera Exam Festival on Tuesday, and invited Shanghai Conservatory of Music to perform its original opera "Tang Xianzu" at the opening ceremony. 
    Before the festival, the opera "Tang Xianzu" was also performed at Janacek Academy of Music and Performance Arts, and it drew wide attention from media such as Czech Radio and overseas Chinese media in Europe. 
    The traditional Chinese elements and instruments used in the opera piqued great interest in the audience. "Tang Xianzu" presented the unique Chinese narrative, and the musical flavors were all impressive, said Vio Medek, rector of JAMPA.
    The opera was debuted at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing in January last year, and China national musical instruments and traditional opera's elements were added to the new rendition at the festival. 
    The performers of the opera are all from SHCM, which has always devoted itself to the cause of presenting the Chinese traditions, operas and stories to the world through music, said Lin Zaiyong, president of SHCM.
    The opera "Tang Xianzu" is about the life story of the eponymous China's culture giant and master playwright. The opera was performed through duet, chorus, and stream of consciousness monologue vocal solos. Tang's life story and his spirits were really moving, said Andrea Vigh, president of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music.