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Shanghai Customs reports a 14 percent increase in total imports and exports
    In 2017, Shanghai Customs handled imports and exports worth of 5.97 trillion yuan (US$932.45 billion), up 14 percent from the previous year, the first two-digit year-on-year growth since 2012, according to data released by Shanghai Customs on Thursday.
    The imports reached 2.47 trillion yuan, up 19.3 percent; and the exports hit 3.5 trillion yuan with an increase of 10.6 percent, both historical records. 
    The data show that the general trade going through Shanghai Customs reached 3.56 trillion yuan, accounting for 59.7 percent of the total value of imports and exports at the same period; and the private companies had the highest increase in imports and exports with the total value reaching 1.78 trillion. The European Union remained the biggest trade partner, with the relevant import and export value accounting for 20.8 percent of the total.
    Mechanical and electrical products accounted for 60 percent of the total exports. High-tech products accounted for 30 percent of the total exports with integrated circuit products' export valued at 388.8 billion yuan, up 29.5 percent year-on-year.
    In addition, imports of both automobile and medical products registered a two-digit year-on-year growth.