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Police officer attacked at city roadblock

    Two people have been detained and one person given bail for attacking a police officer at a roadblock who was checking for drunk drivers, Shanghai police said yesterday.

    At a crossroads near Shangchuan Road in the Pudong New Area about 8pm last Friday police stopped a motorcyclist and gave a man surnamed Wu a breath test as he smelled of alcohol. Meanwhile, a man surnamed Wang, who was Wu’s passenger, is said to have started to push and attack one of the police officers.

    He sustained injuries to his face and his video recorder was damaged, Pudong police said.

    Wu’s wife, surnamed Tao, and a man surnamed Mao also jostled with the officer, police said. Wang, Tao and Mao were all drunk, according to police.

    Wang and Mao have been detained while Tao was allowed bail. Wu was found to be driving after drinking and fined 1,500 yuan (US$234) with the maximum full 12 points deducted from his driving license.

    Shanghai traffic police have stepped up checks on drunk driving ahead of Chinese New Year.

    In 2017, over 2,900 people were punished for drunk driving.