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Jinshan cleans up 185 rivers with a total length of 198 kilometers

    Jinshan finished its overall river cleaning project by the end of last year. Altogether 185 rivers totaling 198 kilometers had been rated qualified in a water quality evaluation.

    Starting in 2016, the district has adopted a series of measures like sewage dredging, connecting the river system and restoring the ecological environment to achieve a sustaining water treatment.

    Along the banks, illegal structures of 117,100 square meters were torn down while 224 enterprises have been cleaned up for their pollution discharge issues so as to stamp out the pollutant sources.

    Agricultural as well as household waste water has been collected for treatment.

    In water treatment, the living space for aquatic plants and animals has been taken into consideration. The river banks along Taiping Harbor for example, use patent-supported solar equipment to build a "breathing revetment" to help improve the surrounding ecological system. 

    Apart from the water quality, the banks also went through a facelift. They have been built into sightseeing places with green lanes and waterfront platforms.

    This year, the district plans to eliminate pollution and bad smell in minor rivers and further improve the water quality in medium and major rivers.