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City to promote time-honored brands on campuses

    Shanghai Commission of Commerce, Shanghai Education Commission, and Shanghai Students' Extracurricular Activities Office have recently co-launched a campaign entitled "China's Time-Honored Brands on Campus."

    The campaign aims to promote China's traditions and craftsmanship among students, which also marks the start of China's time-honored brands promotion campaign from 2018 to 2020.

    The campaign includes activities involving time-honored brands such as Duoyun Xuan's woodblock printing technique, Baixin Bookstore's hand account book making, Wang Yutai Tea House's tea parties, and Xingguang Photography Equipment's exhibition of antique cameras.

    Shanghai has 180 China's time-honored brands and 42 Shanghai local time-honored brands. The commission of commerce plans to establish a promotion scheme for the brands in exhibitions, schools, office buildings, and companies.

    Shanghai will also form an alliance among the brands to participate in the major exhibitions, and the commission of commerce will work with the commission of education to set up courses, practice bases to improve awareness among students and encourage them to spread China's traditional culture. The city will also organize contests for creative designs of the classic brands and open more retail channels for the brands.