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Unified approach to garbage sought

    City legislators are calling for regulations on the management of domestic waste to set a unified standard for garbage sorting and a system of rewards and penalties for the implementation.

    A proposal filed by 14 legislators said kitchen waste should be used to make organic fertilizer and waste packaging should be recycled.

    Li Ming, a deputy to the Shanghai People’s Congress’s Yangpu District delegation and also initiator of the proposal, said the waste problem should be solved step by step and the first step should be separating wet waste from dry and recycling both.

    “We should work out a better way to tackle ‘environment-unfriendly’ packaging rather than just burning or burying it,” Li said. “Meanwhile, residents should work together to prevent Shanghai from becoming a ‘waste island’.”

    The city’s greenery and sanitation authorities also released plans on domestic waste sorting, collecting and treatment. By last year, the local government had issued regulations on domestic waste transport, sorting, kitchen waste management and construction waste management.

    Although the city has done a lot of work in tackling household waste, it still had a way to go, the proposal said. It suggested the Shanghai People’s Congress introduce a law to standardize domestic waste management. A unified standard should be applied on garbage sorting, the proposal said.

    It also suggested charging people based on the amount of garbage they produce. The charge would be less if the garbage was pre-sorted.

    The legislators also proposed to process wet waste directly in communities with waste processing facilities.

    They said the increasing amount of packaging as the result of the boom in online shopping should be recycled. And it was suggested delivery companies offer customers eco-friendly packaging that was bio-degradable. Rules to control the use of plastic items should be brought in.