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All's well that ends well for snow boy

    A 6-year-old boy who got lost when he went out to play in the snow in Shanghai yesterday morning has been returned home thanks to police.

    The boy went outside as he had never seen such a big fall of snow, police said.

    Ge Chunjiang, an assistant traffic officer in Luodian area of Baoshan District, spotted the boy at the crossroads of Hutai Road and Dongtai Road around 8am.

    The officer said the boy told him he hadn’t eaten breakfast before he left home because he was too excited to get out to play in the snow.

    Ge bought two steamed buns for the boy and took him out of the cold.

    Officers at the Luonan police station helped to contact the boy’s father, surnamed Zhu, who came to pick up his son around two hours after the boy had left his home.

    Zhu blamed himself for not keeping an eye on his son and thanked the police for their help.