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Fresh vegetable stall set up in a community far away from any stores

    Fresh vegetables are now available at a stall newly set up in a community in Fengxian District, so local residents dont have to travel at least half an hour to find a market.

    Zhongliang Community was not planned with commercial facilities when first built, causing great inconvenience for people now living here.

    After listening to local residents repeated complaints, the property management company there decided to contact Yuegong Agricultural Technology Co Ltd in December to set up a vegetable stall in the community twice a week. They soon reached an agreement.

    Yuegong is chiefly a food and vegetable supplier serving school canteens.

    "Our vegetables at the stall are always picked from the fields the same day and 70 percent of the produce here are cheaper than the wet market outside," said a worker from Yuegong. "We are here to help solve the vegetable shopping problem for local residents."

    Negotiations are now underway for allocating a commercial land to build other stores and facilities to serve the community.