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Fengxian plans to build 100 'life posts' to provide comprehensive community services
    Fengxian plans to build 100 "life posts" in the next five years to provide comprehensive community services for local residents. 
    The posts will serve as a new kind of public community spaces in suburban areas. Each post will be accessible within 15 minutes of walking where residents can get daily necessities or enjoy entertainment. 
    One life post is now under construction by the Punan Canal. Designed by international architect Steven Holl, the 10,000-square-meter complex will have postal, supermarket, dining and grocery facilities to serve about 35,000 residents in the neighborhood.
    Another post on Xidu Street is being transformed from a 4,000-square-meter old factory. 
    More life posts will be built in villages, industrial parks and at other locations according to the demands of local residents.   
    The life posts could also serve as platforms for residents to participate in the management of local communities.
    This year, Fengxian plans to build 10 life posts in the district.