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City urged to set up an e-commerce industrial park
    Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce urged the city to build an e-commerce industrial park and turn itself into a global e-commerce center at the recently held annual session of the Shanghai People's Congress.
    The federation said that the present strategic positioning of the city for the cross-border e-commerce is not clear and high enough and its e-commerce's top-down design, financial support, policy support, and institutional supply could further be strengthened. Also, it could draw more e-commerce companies to form an industrial park.
    As a financial center and a pilot ground for reforms, Shanghai should also take the leading position of the e-commerce industry, suggested the federation. With the help of the upcoming free trade port, Shanghai should position itself as the global center of e-commerce, and all sectors of the city should contribute to this goal.
    In addition, Shanghai is endowed with a solid foundation for developing large-scale e-commerce, for it has leading companies in various industries, advanced international logistic systems, and mature integration mechanisms with the international markets.
    The federation also called for establishment of an e-commerce industrial park in the Pudong New Area, and upgrade of the development level and the industrial level of the existing e-commerce industry.