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SPC deputies bring forward ideas on safer and faster public transportation
    At the recently held annual session of the Shanghai People's Congress, many deputies to the congress submitted their proposals and ideas on how to make Shanghai's metro, and public transportation safer and faster.
    The total length of Shanghai's metro lines has reached 666 kilometers, and it's predicted that the daily passenger traffic volume will reach 18 to 20 million when all the lines are connected in 2025, which will account for 60 percent of the city's total.
    Shanghai's metro lines and passenger volume have surpassed other metropolises such as New York, London, and Paris, said Liu Maoya, a deputy to the congress. But he pointed out that first-aid equipment such as Automated External Defibrillator should be installed at each metro station.
    Also, Shanghai Metro Operation Company should work with Red Cross and other medical institutions to spread emergency treatment knowledge, added Liu, such as in middle schools, elementary schools, and workplaces.
    Shanghai Association for Science and Technology found that in crowded places such as public transportation venues, there are always different kinds of air pollutants.
    The association said these pollutants will not only cause harm to passengers, but to the electronic equipment in the stations as well, especially the communicational equipment. Air quality monitoring posts, alarm mechanisms, and air purification equipment should be set up in those places and in operation rooms as well.
    An Qi, another deputy to the congress, suggested that the names of hundreds of metro stations should not only indicate directions, but also publicize the city's history and culture. So the new stations could be named after the historical, cultural, and educational icons and facilities in the city. Also, more stations could be named after Shanghai's universities to promote education.