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After the snow some sunshine at end of week

    The snow has gone and after a cold start to the week, it will soon be time to embrace some sunshine.

    Shanghai experienced its heaviest fall of snow since 2008 last week, when up to 10 centimeters of snow were dumped on the city’s roads from Thursday to Friday.

    Snow continued to fall over the weekend, with up to 7 millimeters falling from 8am to 5pm on Saturday. Downtown Xujiahui recorded 6.4cm of snow and suburban Qingpu District nearly 8cm on roads.

    The snow turned into flurries and sleet yesterday morning, gradually ceasing as evening fell, Shanghai Meteorological Bureau said.

    High pressure will dominate this week, and sunny days will eventually return. But meanwhile, the mercury will continue to plummet.

    Today the temperature will range from zero to 3 degrees Celsius in downtown. The low for suburban areas will drop to minus 3 degrees. Residents are warned to be braced for ice and frost on roads.

    Last night a yellow alert for icy roads was released for Baoshan and Jinshan districts, and a yellow alert for frost was released for Qingpu District.

    Tomorrow the low will fall to minus 2 degrees but the high will climb to 5 degrees. There will be light air pollution, with the hazardous to health PM2.5 particles being the main pollutants, according to the city’s environmental monitoring station.

    There will be sleet on Wednesday, with the low hovering around zero degrees and the high around 4 degrees. Thursday and Friday will be sunnier, with highs of 7 degrees forecast.

    China Meteorological Bureau said a total lunar eclipse will take place from 7:48pm to 11:12pm on Wednesday around China. People in east China are set to get the best view.