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Supervision commission begins its work

    The Shanghai Supervision Commission opened yesterday, a key step for the city to deepen supervisory system reform, which is being unrolled nationwide to intensify the fight against corruption.

    Li Qiang, Party secretary of Shanghai, unveiled the new commission’s plaque.

    Liao Guoxun, secretary of the city’s Party discipline commission, was named as director of the new commission on Sunday.

    China is setting up supervisory commissions at national, provincial, prefectural and county levels to ensure “supervision covers everyone working in the public sector who exercises public power,” based on the experience of pilot reform in Beijing and the provinces of Shanxi and Zhejiang.

    The report to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in October mandated supervisory commissions at different levels, sharing offices and staff with CPC discipline inspectors.

    The commissions will supervise the execution of duty and ethics by public functionaries, investigate illegal activities such as graft, misuse of power, neglect of duty and wasting public funds, issue administrative penalties, and transfer potential criminal cases to the procuratorates.

    The Party discipline commissions and supervisory commissions at different levels in Shanghai are tasked to supervise, investigate and handle cases of corruption to consolidate “the crushing momentum” in fighting graft.