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Troubled teacher backed by authorities

    A teacher who sparked controversy for alleged wrongdoings after her name was listed for promotion, has been backed by educational authorities.

    Minhang District educational authorities investigated claims made against Miao Xian, a Chinese teacher at Wenlai Middle School, who was alleged to have hit a doctor in 2015, and therefore was “morally unfit for promotion.”

    Charges against her started to emerge after the Shanghai Human Resource and Social Security Bureau listed her among teachers deserving of promotion.

    The Minhang District Education Bureau said in a statement yesterday that it had cleared Miao of any wrongdoing after a team had checked “with local police about her conflict with the doctor, talked to the school, reviewed the assessment procedure and consulted experts.”

    The said incident happened at Shanghai International Peace Maternity and Child Health Hospital in Xuhui District and it was deemed only as a dispute.

    It did not affect the hospital working and both the doctor and Miao sorted out their differences amicably later.

    Miao had no other criminal records, the statement said.

    All other claims were also refuted.

    The investigators also reviewed the application and assessment procedures for Miao’s promotion, including the opinion of the school’s faculty appointment committee, her annual work assessment, evaluation of her professional ethics and her disciplinary punishment record.

    They then declared that Miao was a worthy candidate for promotion.