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Shanghai doctors report major progress in liver cancer diagnosis and treatment

    Fan Jia, president of Zhongshan Hospital, and Zhou Jian, vice president of the same hospital, recently reported two major medical research results in liver cancer diagnosis and treatment.

    The two results are cancer liver diagnostic kit, which uses only 0.2 milliliters of plasma; and a diagnosis system that can increase the accuracy of the prediction of liver cancer metastasis and the effectiveness of liver cancer treatment.

    Fan and his team spent nine years in narrowing it down to seven miRNA molecular markers, and with the diagnostic kit, the accuracy of diagnosis rate of liver cancer can be increased to 80 percent.

    With the help of the kit and iconography, the diagnosis accuracy of liver tumors with less than 2 centimeters in diameters and other clinical classified liver cancers can be increased as well, said Fan.

    The kit has passed clinical verification of China Food and Drug Administration, and will be promoted to 20 provincial medical centers, and adopted as a more effective tool in liver cancer diagnosis. It's predicted with the popularization of the kit, the five-year survival rate of liver cancer patients can increase to 20 to 30 percent.