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Fengxian steadily pushed ahead its ecological garden city project

    The urban greening and forest coverages in Fengxian District reached 31 percent and 13.6 percent last year, 1 percent point and 0.7 percent points higher than the previous year respectively.

    According to a plan released in early 2017, Fengxian would spend the following five to 10 years to build the district into a national ecological garden city.

    Work to establish the featured towns is progressing steadily and construction of an agronomy garden is underway. Zhuanghang has been listed among the second batch of national featured towns and Haiwan is chosen as one of the nation-level sports and leisure towns.

    In carrying out the "beautiful villages" project, 5,622 village renovation projects have been completed while 8,300 households have been equipped with sewage treatment systems. And more than 42 kilometers of backroads have been newly paved.

    Ecological environment has further improved in the district by expanding its green corridor by 190 hectares and adding another 244 hectares of forest. The treatment for 181 rivers totaling 258 kilometers has been successfully concluded and the polluted and smelly waters have been basically eradicated.