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Big jump in airport passengers

    Shanghai's two airports are expected to handle 7 percent more passengers than last year during the annual travel peak period, bringing them almost on par with the city’s railway, the main mode of transport during the festival period.

    Pudong and Hongqiao airports are expected to handle 12.6 million passengers on both domestic and international flights during the travel peak that began yesterday and will last until March 12, the Shanghai Airport Authority said.

    The city’s three major railway stations — Shanghai South, Hongqiao and Shanghai main station — are expected to ferry 13.15 million passengers.

    The Spring Festival travel peak, or chunyun in Chinese, is often referred to as the world’s largest migration as the migrant population returns home for the traditional family reunion for the Spring Festival which falls on February 16 this year.

    Nationwide, about 2.98 billion trips are expected to be made during the holiday travel rush.

    “A large number of passengers are expected at the Pudong Airport between February 9 and 13 as well as on February 21 and 22 when travelers and students fly back,” an official with the Pudong airport said.

    It will send and receive a total of 8.2 million passengers during the travel peak. The airport is expected to handle a record of 210,000 passengers on February 21 and 22, which marks the end of the week-long Spring Festival holiday.

    Hongqiao airport will receive most passengers before February 15, which is the Chinese New Year Eve, as well as after February 18. It is expected to handle over 4.4 million passengers during the peak period.