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Shanghai mayor meets president and CEO of Worldskills International

    Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong met Simon Bartley, president of the Worldskills International, and David Hoey, chief executive officer of Worldskills, on Tuesday.

    During the meeting, Tang Tao, vice minister of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China, and Peng Chenlei, vice mayor of Shanghai, signed a memorandum of understanding with Bartley and Hoey on the 46th Worldskills Competition, and a letter of intent for cooperation on the construction of Worldskills Museum.

    The memorandum of understanding specifies that the human resources ministry and Shanghai will form a competition committee; and the letter of intent for cooperation specifies a tripartite partnership among Worldskills, China's Human Resources Ministry, and Shanghai to finish the construction of Worldskills Museum in 2021.

    Ying thanked Worldskills for their confidence in holding the 46th Worldskills Competition in Shanghai. Ying said Shanghai Municipal Government highly values the cooperation with Workdskills International, and the city will learn from previous Worldskills competitions held in the United Arab Emirates, and Russia, to make the 46th Worldskills competition an inspiring, memorable one.

    It's Shanghai's hope to promote craftsmanship and inspire the young to value skills, added Ying.

    Bartley said it's his pleasure to head the executive board of Worldskills International to inspect the 46th Worldskills Competition venue, and they have great faith in Shanghai for hosting the competition in 2021.