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Chongming Island to start construction of a ring-shaped scenic highway this year

    The construction of the first phase of a ring-shaped scenic highway on Chongming Island will be launched this year, according to Chongming District Transportation Commission.

    The first phase of the highway of around 44.5 kilometers will link Chengqiao Town, Mingzhu Lake and Beiyan Highway. Nanmen Wharf will also be part of the ring-shaped highway for visitors, tourists and sports fans to walk, jog and even drive new-energy cars on it.

    A new landscape bank along the Yangtze River will be set up in Nanmen area. The 9-meter wide road will open to cars, cyclists and joggers.

    "Only new-energy cars and electric carts will be allowed to drive on the road as the main function of the bank is flood prevention instead of transportation," said Shi Xing, deputy director of the Chongming District Transportation Commission.

    About 20 rest areas will be set up along the ring-shaped highway, and the construction of the rest areas will mainly use natural materials, including reed, bamboo, wood and even straw. The existing forest belts along the Yangtze River will be kept, and they will serve as landscapes for the ring-shaped highway system.

    After completion of its two-phase construction, the highway will extend around a total of 120 kilometers.