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Fengpu Bus Rapid Transit set to start operation in the first half of this year

    Fengpu Bus Rapid Transit is now in the final testing session and is set to start operation in the first half of this year.

    Some of the buses are as long as 18 meters with two compartments, so drivers need to be trained to better operate the vehicle in terms of driving, parking and charging, said a driver who's currently taking the training course.

    Now installation for ticket machines, turnstiles, safety doors, monitoring and all other equipment in the stations has been completed. Passengers will need to wait in the station after passing the turnstile like in a railway station.

    Safety design is a priority on the bus. The bus will immediately sound the gas alarm when an emergency arises. Seats for physically impaired passengers are fixed with safety belts.

    Besides, USB sockets for electric device charging are also available for passengers.

    Fengpu BRT, which runs between Nanqiao Bus Station and Shendu Highway, is the first BRT line in Shanghai. Altogether 20 buses will be put to use in the first phase.