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Temporary 'hub' for passengers

    The Hongqiao transportation hub and Shanghai Railway Station have set up temporary shelters for passengers in case stuck in the city due to bad weather during the Spring Festival holiday period.

    At the Hongqiao transportation hub, three of the six shelters are in the hub and the other three in the neighboring areas.

    Xu Bing, an official with the Administration of Shanghai Hongqiao Central Business District (CBD), said the shelters have been put up at Xijiao Square, an unused maglev train waiting room, and an aisle connecting the airport and high-speed train station. The three hub spots can accommodate over 2,000 people and basic amenities like seats and hot water will be provided.

    The other shelters are at the Minhang District Stadium, Aibo neighborhood club and Shanghai Wenlai Experimental School. They can hold 3,500 passengers.

    During the Spring Festival travel rush, about 60 percent of passengers are expected to take off from the Hongqiao transportation hub. The passenger volume is expected to increase by 9 percent this year from the same period last year, said Wang Aijie, another official at the administration. If the number of stranded passengers at Hongqiao rises due to cancellations and delays of trains and flights, the hub will make arrangements to evacuate them, Wang said.

    The Minhang Passenger Transport Service Co will arrange for shuttle bus services during emergencies.

    The city’s railways will see off over 13 million passengers during the 40-day travel period.