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Huangpu District and Jiushi Group to cooperate on the bund area renovation

    Shanghai Huangpu District government and Shanghai Jiushi Group Co Ltd signed a strategic cooperation agreement on urban renovation and protective development in the bund area in Huangpu on Tuesday.

    The agreement stipulates that the two parties will upgrade the districts industrial level and introduce into the district financial and cultural projects and high-end service industries headquarters that fit the districts development positioning.

    The agreement also stipulates that the two parties will cooperate in attracting business and investment into the district; setting up a joint-venture company responsible for land acquisition and building of business operation projects; and undertaking development work. The two parties will also carry out cooperation in finance, realizing multiple financing channels, and solving the financial problems.

    Gao Yun, Party chief of Huangpu District, said that Huangpu is the core area for Shanghai to build itself into an international and financial center and a technology and innovation center. The bund area is also an ecological highland for financial services.

    Gong Deqing, chairman of Jiushi Group, said the bund will become a friendlier place to the local residents and the area will introduce more brands that are affordable. This year, Jiushi will also introduce more charity projects to benefit the locals and enrich their cultural lives.

    Huangpu District and Jiushi Group will carry out the phase-two protective renovation of Shanghais Waitanyuan area and attract more investors and artists into the area to help preserve historic buildings there.