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Police brace for traffic on expressways

    The traffic volume on the city’s expressways during the Chinese New Year holiday will rise 9 to 12 percent from the same period last year, Shanghai Road Administration said yesterday.

    The number of cars using the expressways daily from February 15 to 21 is estimated to be about 800,000. On February 14 evening, heavy traffic congestion is expected in the outbound direction on G2, G15, G40, G50 and G60.

    The three days between February 16 to February 18 will see a surge in traffic from Shanghai to destinations near the city, and the last three days of the festival will see growing traffic coming into the city as people return from holiday.

    Over the 40-day Chinese New Year travel period, 70 percent of all expressway traffic goes through Shanghai to Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces.

    The expressways will be free for 7-seater vehicles or less during the holiday.

    Meanwhile, from 10pm on Friday, a part of the Outer Ring Road between Beidi Road and Huqingping viaducts 3.75 kilometers long will be closed for repairs.

    Two of the eight-lane road will be closed till May 31, affecting traffic to and from Hongqiao airport and railway station and Shanghai Zoo. Motorists are advised to take Jiamin Elevated Road, the Middle Ring Road or G15.