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Man detained for begging at Pudong airport

    A man has been detained for harassing passengers and begging for money at Pudong International Airport, Shanghai police said yesterday.

    The man, surnamed Wang, was detained on February 5 near the check-in counters of Zone H on the departure level of Terminal 1 while “begging and harassing” passengers. Police booked him for “disturbing the order in public places.”

    On February 2, a man reported to airport police through his Weibo account that he saw a group of beggars outside the arrival gate of Terminal 2 stopping passengers and asking for money. They also distributed leaflets in Chinese and English.

    Airport police said such beggars usually show up at the most crowded places at the airport, including check-in counters. They even have their mobile phone QR codes ready and ask passengers to transfer cash through their WeChat or Alipay accounts if they tell them that they don’t have money.

    Some beggars also insist on carrying the luggage for passengers and then demand money for their unsolicited service, police said.

    Airport law enforcers will stop and warn the beggars to leave when they spot them. They can also be detained for up to 10 days and fined up to 500 yuan (US$80) if they continue with their harassment, police said.

    Passengers are encouraged to report beggars to airport law enforcers.