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Info-tech company helps tourists to Guangfulin Suburban Park with a 'smart map'

    Songjiang-based Tianfu Information is helping tourists to the Guangfulin Suburban Park to get a better tour experience with its mobile phone map.

    The product provides detailed routes within the large park, which could not be found in other apps such as Baidu and Gaode maps.

    Through the company's independent information collection system, which consists of seven motion cameras and five interchangeable lens digital cameras, 3D location shooting can be carried out to collect data and build a visualized smart management system.

    So, the Tianfu map contains not only information about traffic lines around the park, but also virtual scenic trips and voice explanation on the sites.

    On the other hand, the park can use the platform for video monitoring for safety, daily visitor flow report and information sharing for better management of the park. 

    The company also works with the Information Engineering Department of Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University to conduct research and extend the visualized technology to sectors like drone filming, community safety management, VR display and the Internet of Things.